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Mathew Littlefield

Hi Conrad,

You make great points here, namely:

~OEE is not a silver bullet
~It is largely irrelevant if the drill down components aren't considered
~The system as a whole has to be considered and it is impossible to maximize OEE at every local asset and optimize the whole system
~OEE needs to be considered in the context of other metrics and business goals

It is also important to note that despite all of these issues, it still makes sense for many companies to measure OEE, even in A&D, of course accounting for all of these nuances.

Here is a summary of an interesting Twitter discussion on the same topic on our blog with many similar criticisms of OEE:


Matthew Littlefield
President Principal Analyst, LNS Research


A very good article that demonstrates the danger of OEE...

Jaidyn Moore

Damn informative!! Thanks for sharing it. OEE is not a bad metric, but one should know how to use it. One can also use “Thrive” a very effective tool for OEE calculation professionals are recommending it. For more glimpse: – https://www.downtimecollectionsolutions.com


Very good article Conrad, excellent as always!
I liked very much the link you've made with TOC and "The goal"

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