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Trev Evans

To leave “Good enough” alone says “This is my standard”. Which may be good for you but I have a higher standard and will employ “make it better”. The risk of “do-nothing” means that we would all still be driving around in Model T-Ford cars. We have to embrace change and face the new challenges and problems that change brings with it. The wheel is round because when we tried a square one, it didn’t work – we reverted back to the system that worked for us. But we still continue to look for a better wheel.

Robin McDonald

There is absolutely risk involved with staying the same just because people are adverse to change. Fear of change (or resistance to learning new things) is worst reason to not embrace new technology or improvement. I laughed at your statement about having to re-write processes - isn't one of the major driving forces behind a process driven company (i.e., ISO)constant improvement? At our company (DTx Inc.) we have transitioned to an automated manufacturing execution system that includes online work instructions. Yes it required commitment from the entire company, but the benefits were well worth it (see our blog on the subject - blog.dtx.com)

Ben Benjabutr

I think there is no "paperless" thing in practice. People need some sort of documents to work on because we can't stay on screen for the whole time.

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